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In Year 1 your child You will notice that 'sums' are Encourage your child to tell you about the number work s/he is doing at school. Support homework with.

school of hard sums homework socks

Hair accessories should be plain and discreet. We do not expect pupils to sport some of the extreme haircuts currently fashionable. Nor do we want to see pupils with extreme colours in their hair.

school of hard sums homework socks

Pupils may not wear make-up in school. This includes eye-liner, mascara, foundation and lip glosses or lipsticks.

Percentages Worksheets

Art and Craft Work Some form of protection for clothing is essential. This may take the form of an old shirt worn back to front on an inexpensive apron. School Bags Pupils do need a school bag to transport books and equipment but it should be of a reasonable size suggested length 50cm.

All pupils have a personal tray in their form room.

school of hard sums homework socks

Lost Property and Valuables Please note that the School and Local Authority cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to property, so please do not allow your children to bring valuable articles to school. The vast majority of our pupils are scrupulously honest. Lost property can usually be recovered very quickly if the loss is reported straight away and the articles are marked.

Math WorkbookMath Grade 4 Homework Practice Book

Watches, etc can be reclaimed from the school office. However, pupils should not bring valuables or large sums of money to school unless strictly necessary. Money must not be left in cloakrooms, desks or drawers.

school of hard sums homework socks

Radios, iPods and MP3 players are not allowed. Should they be brought to school and then lost, damaged or stolen, children would be very upset.

school of hard sums homework socks

They may not be used whilst children are at school and should be switched off before entering school. They will also learn about odd and even numbers. Your child will learn to count in twos, fives and tens, which is the first step towards learning ' times tables'.

Children will learn that an addition sum or a subtraction sum can be described using several different phrases: What is five plus four?

school of hard sums homework socks

What do five and four make altogether? What is five count on four? What is five take away four?

school of hard sums homework socks

What is five subtract four? Start on five and count back four. What is the difference between five and four?

school of hard sums homework socks

What is four less than five?

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