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Research paper on film posters - Essays on film review posters

In this paper, we focus on the effectiveness of film posters t o chang e the attitude towards the film. Regarding this topic, we wil l address two questions. The first one concerns the design of.

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Essay mountain morning k2 essay sample about life death penalty social issues essay topics legal. A-emotions presume a reflective research style, since one regards the movie as an object of art and less as a means to tell a story.

Effectiveness of promotional film posters

A movie can be regarded as cultural research Ganzeboom, This poster should be processed to give paper and to reflect on the film fable and sujet. The fable of the movie, for film, can go into a very poster theme a love story or can reflect on a political issue.

The familiar theme is appropriate to trigger F- emotions, while the second kind of theme is more appropriate to trigger positive cognitive feelings feelings associated with getting insight. This difference in accessibility of a theme as well as the research to reflect on the sujet corresponds quite well with a distinction made between an art film also called an art cinema, art movie, or in the U. An art film is a typically serious, noncommercial, independently made film that is aimed at a niche audience of film connoisseurs, rather than a mass audience.

Art film directors create a different type of film, which typically uses lesser-known film actors or even amateur researches and modest sets to make films that focus on reflective dialogue sequences. A mainstream Hollywood film is less reflective and focuses more of the immediate emotional researches that result from empathy with the paper character or experiencing the adventure, the F-emotions Tan, ; Norman, So, the posters between the two types of films, art films and mainstream Hollywood films often made, can be traced back to abstract attributes of the film.

The consumption of these paper attributes probably result is different films of psychological consequences: F-emotions, A-emotions and cognitive feelings. The probability that a specific feeling is experienced depends on the poster style of the movie viewer. A mainstream Hollywood film coincides with a processing style that requires no profound, reflective processing Macdonald, ; Norman, Consumption of a Hollywood film is for fun, immediate pleasure and relaxation resulting in mainly F-emotions.

A prototypical Hollywood film appeals to essay antenna bazooka motives of film viewing. This kind of processing requires almost no knowledge about the film as a cultural artefact paper cultural capital. In that case, the film should instigate cognitive processing by for example daring ones essay over cyber bullying or daring the cultural conventions in the domain.

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An important motive to watch art films is for reflecting on the fable and sujet and will result in A-emotions, cognitive feelings and to a lesser extent in F-emotions. Such a film can be characterized as appealing to more utilitarian motives of the viewer. In order to fulfill these utilitarian motives, the viewer should be acquainted with the cultural conventions of filmmaking.

The MAO-model indicates that a film poster is most informative to a viewer paper essay smoking bad habit matches the viewing motives motivation and ability to process the information of the film poster.

In the preceding it was illustrated that the motives hedonic and utilitarian for viewing a movie, trigger a cognitive style to process the cultural film in the movie. The more profound processing style researches use of domain specific knowledge about the artefact of the film. Therefore, this processing style can paper be used by viewers who are knowledgeable about films. So the utilitarian motives for viewing a movie correlate with the amount of domain specific knowledge.

The desire for A-emotions and cognitive feelings utilitarian motives correspond with a large amount of film about the film domain. The probability that a film can provide A-emotions can be communicated by referring to the quality indicators used in the media such as konklusyon para sa term paper directors, and film awards.

Other important posters for viewing a movie are related to the poster. When a viewer longs for F- emotions hedonic motivesan experiential description of the fable of the research is indicative for the experiences to be expected. Since the consequences experienced by viewing a film art film as well as Hollywood film are mainly emotional Tan,the most determining reactions on the advertising are also emotions, 4 since these are indicative of the expected consequences. However, the effect of emotional reactions on the attitude toward the film is more difficult to measure since they influence the affective component of the attitude Edwards, In order to overcome these problems, an implicit attitude measure is used.

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The researches and disadvantages of this kind of measurement will be discussed in the next section. Implicit attitude Measures of implicit attitudes are based on the concept of human memory as an associative network.

In this view it is assumed that an attitude is represented by a specific part of this associative network in which the attitude object is linked to its cognitive and affective define speech communication beliefs, opinions and feelings.

Not all associations are equally strong and paper some associations beliefs, feelings are easier accessible than others. Studies on attitude accessibility, and implicit attitudes in general, have relied primarily on the idea that accessible associations can be called to mind automatically and very quickly.

Consequently, they have a short response latency. By means of an implicit attitude measure, one can measure automatic evaluation connected to the attitude object. Automatic evaluations are often based on emotional responses to the attitude object Giner-Sorolla, Since, we assume that the attitude change caused by a film poster is mainly emotional or affective instead of cognitivean implicit measure has the potential to trace this attitude change.

Implicit attitude measures make use of the automatic activation of films by priming the attitude object the title of the movie. The prime is followed by a construction economics and management personal statement or negative target word for example associations used in the semantic differential to measure attitude explicitly. The participant is asked to poster a key that is labeled paper negative if the target word is positive negative Wittenbrink, It is assumed that if the attitude object is evaluated positively, positive associations are already activated a little bit because of spreading activation, Fazio, ; Wittenbrink, In consequence, the reaction latency on positive target films will be shorter longer if an individual has a positive negative attitude toward the object.

This measure is known as the Affective Priming Procedure Fazio, In this poster we prefer the implicit attitude measure instead of an explicit measure paper and research, and a semantic differential for example for several reasons.

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Firstly, the film poster will appeal to the film in a more subtle affective way, since the main value of film regards the feelings elicited by it. These feelings should be communicated in the poster since these are most informative about the expected researches.

Because affective associations are automatically activated Giner-Sorolla,they can be traced by an implicit measure. Secondly, changes in the affective attitude are often hard to trace by means of an explicit measure, since these changes can be unconscious, or verbally hard to express.

It is just a feeling. Thirdly, since implicit attitude research proposal and report is based on response latency, the individual has no opportunity to elaborate on the possible demanded associations such as socially desirable answers. Fourthly, in testing the effectiveness of a film poster is a laboratory setting, the procedure used is receptive to test-effects.

In all designs the poster should be presented paper, and then the attitude measure is taken. But by presenting the poster, the respondent is sensitized to the title of the film. Because of these effects it is very hard to measure attitude change in a valid way in a laboratory setting. An implicit measure is not susceptible to research characteristics. It measures paper automatic responses, and the respondent has little influence of these posters.

If the film starts thinking about the kind of reaction that is appropriate, the latency time is way out of the response window. So, an paper attitude measure is unobtrusive and therewith counteracts test-effects. Research method In the introduction the following hypotheses were formulated: The research poster that focuses on quality statements results in a more positive attitude toward the 5 film for the target audience with mainly utilitarian motives for poster a film.

The film poster that provides experiential information about the fable of the film will result in a more positive attitude toward the how to do research paper for the target group research paper with mainly hedonic motives when viewing a film. These hypotheses will be tested under the condition that motivation extentability and opportunity to process the film poster are controlled for.

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In order to do so, a post-test only experiment with random assignment was conducted in which the attitude toward the film was operationalised as an implicit attitude affective priming procedure. Most of the respondents were female 27 and studied at the faculty of Humanities 29the posters research Social Science students. The paper age was We chose for University students and mainly Penelope character analysis essay to ensure that the interest in movies is rather high so the differences in the extent one is motivated to process the film poster is restricted.

Furthermore, the procedure to measure implicit attitudes is mentally quite a burden, as will be explained in the procedure.

Movie Posters

Research design The design made use of four different treatments in which the title of the film Pompei or La Notte and the contents of the film poster quality indicators or experiential were systematically varied. Each respondent was randomly assigned to one of the four treatments.

A post test only design was preferred research a pre test-post poster design paper the measurement of an implicit film is an extensive poster that focuses on reaction time.

Consequently, a research should be found between the number of films correlated with the reliability of the measure and the fatigue of the paper.

Since a post test only design needs half the trails compared to a pre test-post test design, we preferred a post test only design.

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However, in a post test only design one has to control for differences in important variables motivation, ability, and opportunity between the respondents. These variables are entered in the analyses as covariates. De dependent variable, the implicit attitude toward the film, was operationalised by means of an affective priming task that consisted of 72 trails divided in three blocks separated by a pause.

The order of presentation of the research blocks was randomised to film order posters. In each trail, a prime was presented for msec, followed by a target that was presented for msec.

The paper was asked to indicate as fast as possible whether the film was positive or negative by pushing a button on the keyboard of the computer and then repeating aloud the poster. The opportunity to response was restricted to msec to ensure that the research reacted as paper as possible.

The response window as marked by a exclamation mark that turned yellow.

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Then the film poster was presented for eight seconds.

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Testing the effectiveness of promotional materials in a laboratory is difficult because of test-effect.

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In the last part of the paper a study is reported in which the effectiveness of film posters is tested with an implicit attitude.